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PC / Disk Cleanup

PC clean up is something that every computer user should be doing. Temporary or junk files can build up very quickly on a computer’s hard drive to fill up resulting in your computer being slower. Regularly cleaning up these files and folders will help provide you with great long-term computer performance.

So let’s talk temporary and junk files for a minute. In order to have a computer that runs good, you need to be doing a regular PC clean up which will help keep these files cleaned off of your computers hard drive. Programs such as your internet browser or your favorite word processor such as Microsoft Office all utilize temporary files in some form or another. If you create a new file in Microsoft Word, the program will create a temporary file until you have actually saved it to the specific location you want it. When you are surfing the internet, your browser is basically downloading images and pages to a temporary location so that if you go back to that website it will load quicker. It’s a great idea from the programs perspective , but the files it downloads and saves can really build up and cause your machine to slow down.

>>PC Clean Up Is A Really Important Step To Having A Fast Computer<<

There are some standard things I typically do when performing a PC Clean Up on the file system. The quickest and probably most effective way to get rid of all of these junk/temporary files is to run a Disk Cleanup. This is a utility that Microsoft has built into their operating systems that will scan all of the junk/temporary folders and then let you pick and choose which ones to empty out.

To run a Disk Cleanup, simply do these simple steps:

  • Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools and select Disk Cleanup.

The utility will start out by scanning these folders and finding out how much space each one is consuming. It will scan such folders as your Recycle Bin your temporary internet files folders. These are two that a lot of users tend to forget about and can end up using a ton of space. After the initial scan is complete, you will be able to check which locations you would like to clean and the utility will do the rest of the work.

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