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PC Cleaner v10.0 Certified Anti-Virus + Antispyware

West Coast Labs (WCL) is one of the world's leading independent test facilities, has awarded PC Cleaner Anti-Virus. The Checkmark system authenticates that PC Cleaner Anti-Virus is a solution of the highest quality and performance.

PC Cleaner Antivirus gives you complete protection from viruses, spyware, rogue programs, trojans, adware, rootkit, dialers, worms, parasites and other potentially harmful programs along with other malware that might make computer fail, cause system errors, reduce performance and might even destroy or expose to 3rd parties users sensitive data.


Detect and remove both known and unknown viruses, spyware, adware and worms.
Find hidden processes within the system’s memory and remove the associated rootkit.
It's new and improved engine finds hidden ads, phishing attacks, hijackers, trojans, rootkits, rogue programs, keystroke loggers, malicious BHOs,dialers, worms and more!
Our advanced system cleaner works to repair and correct errors caused by ad and spywares and tweaks your PC for optimal performance.


4 Levels of Scanning Technology

  • Frontline - checks your system for active malware infections and compares its findings with the signatures in our 450,000-definition database to identify any malware present on your system.
  • Second level - employs an advanced heuristic recognition algorithm that uses parametric and behavior-based scans to find new threats not yet in any virus database. 
  • Third level - is a reverse scan that checks your system from the virus’s perspective to find file structures similar to recently found threats in order to uncover unknown, but related virus strains.
  • Rootkit Scan uses a proprietary method to find hidden processes within the system’s memory and removes the rootkit that launched the process.

Just a few of the things spyware can monitor and collect about you:

  -The Web Sites You Visit
  -Your Instant Message Conversations
  -Credit Card Numbers You Use
  -The Items You Purchase Online
  -Usernames and Passwords Used To Access Your Favorite Sites
  -Your Incoming and Outgoing Email Messages
  -Your Bank Account Numbers
  -Other Important and Personal Information

Even worse, once this information is collected it can then be sold to other parties which can lead to even more pop-ups, spam and Spyware!

Spyware is also notorious for making your PC sluggish and unresponsive. Sometimes this is by design but many times the sluggish performance is a result of poorly created spyware and malware programs that conflict with the other programs running on your computer. In any shape or form, spyware is extremely annoying and frustrating!

Spyware Is A Growing Epidemic
In just a few short years spyware has surpassed computer viruses as the number one threat to your information and security online.

The reason for this explosive growth is the huge amounts of money that unethical companies are making from spyware. As amazing as it may seem, many of these companies receive millions of dollars a year in funding because the potential to make money off an unsuspecting public is so huge.

As a result, spyware now infects close to 94% of all internet connected computers with an average of 5 instances of Spyware and Virus per PC.

What this means to you is that without a lot of spare time, technical expertise, and proper tools, spyware can pose a real and serious problem to your PC and personal information.

Fortunately, PC Cleaner v10 automates, simplifies, and speeds up spyware removal through a comprehensive and easy-to-use application that automatically detect and delete the majority of spyware infections.

Unlike other virus scanners or spyware and adware removal software, PC Cleaner™ does it all without draining your system’s resources or slowing down your PC.





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