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Use PC Cleaner to Protect Your Privacy

Safe Guard your personal information now from:
-Fraud and Identity Theft
-Phishing, Spam, Scams
-Credit Card Fraud
-Spyware Companies

Every time you make a move on your computer, you leave little "traces" behind that can be retrieved at a later time by anyone who wants to see what you've been up to. This trail doesn't just put your privacy at risk, but it also consumes valuable disk space and affects your computer's performance. Use PC Cleaner to scan your PC for these traces!

The solution to the problem is PC Cleaner. Allow PC Cleaner's cutting-edge technology to completely destroy all traces of your computer activity. With a single click of the mouse, PC Cleaner allows you to erase those traces, protect your privacy and restore your system performance.

PC Cleaner is powerful enough to protect your privacy by permanently erasing files and folders with sensitive information. The scanning engine searches for private information in a number of common areas, but doesn’t take very long.



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