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Registry Optimizer
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Because it is one of the most accessed parts of your computer, your system’s registry is vulnerable to errors that can cause computer slowdowns, error messages, frozen programs, system crashes and applications that no longer work.

The computer registry is like a database that keeps an inventory of Windows settings as well as hardware and software installations. As you use your computer, the applications you’re running access the registry thousands of times per second. In fact, the registry is accessed when you:

  • Install and uninstall programs
  • Install drivers
  • Create new users
  • Use instant messaging and chat programs
  • Use software to open files

All of these activities leave behind entries. Without proper registry maintenance, it gets clogged with unwanted entries, outdated files, incomplete programs, improperly installed applications and more. Malware also corrupts the registry when it embeds itself into keys and prevents executable files from running.

Without a clean registry, the required—or good—registry entries are hidden amongst the clutter. The longer it takes your computer to retrieve the required entries, the slower your computer will run, resulting in errors, crashes and failures. A corrupt registry can even prevent your PC from booting up.

While it is possible to use manual techniques to clean the registry, doing so will likely cause deeper problems. You may end up reinstalling Windows or worse, sending your computer to the repair shop, which will cost you.

Experts strongly urge you to use professional registry cleaners to fix registry errors, clear the clutter and get your computer working properly again. That’s why PC Cleaner™ comes with a built-in registry optimizer that scans 15 locations within the registry keys, finds errors and outdated entries and removes them without changing or deleting valid entries.

Key Features & Benefits
Automatic/Manual Removal
Shows scan progress
Back-up Registry
Built-in Scheduler
Manage/Cleanup Startup Programs
Scans for Invalid Program shortcuts
Removes Duplicate files
Deletes empty registry Keys
Checks invalid Class keys
Checks Shell Extensions
Checks Invalid help files
Checks Invalid CLSID/Typelib Entries
Checks Invalid Shared known DLL's
Checks invalid paths
Checks Application paths References
Checks Invalid fonts
Checks Invalid File Types/Extensions
Restores PC to it's original Performance
Fix costly PC problems
Deep Scan and Cleaning
Quick scan option
Solve Problems & Speed up PC
Windows Installer Errors
ActiveX Control Problems
ActiveX Startup Errors
Windows Startup Errors
Prevent application crashes
Windows Operating System Problems
Registry Errors
DLL Errors
Runtime Errors
IExplore and System32 Errors
System Crashes
Slow PC performance
Computer Freezing
Internet Explorer Errors
JavaScript Errors
Dr Watson Errors
Hardware Malfunction
Blue Screen
Scan Disk
Driver Errors
Corrupt Registry Files





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